Windows 10 Mobile Preview build 10512 is now live

The latest update for the Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview build is now ready to be downloaded, over a month since the last official build, 10166, was released by Microsoft. The new build number is 10512 and can be grabbed by folks who are a part of the Windows Insider program by going to Settings > Phone Update to check for a new OS update.

Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul stated:

  • “Thanks for your patience waiting for this one, the team was very focused on our Windows 10 release for PCs and tablets, and we needed to do some prep work for Mobile to move to a new branch. I expect the builds to be out more frequently again as we go forward from here. Our major focus on Windows 10 Mobile right now is on improvements to core quality.”

Aul also noted that users should also check out the Windows Store as there should be updates to many apps in the store. One app that is not in the store is the Insider Hub app, but he stated it would be back in future preview builds.


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