Nvidia Mirrors Edge Catalyst Trailer and Gameplay

Nvidia has given us a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in a new video. It features DICE’s design director Eric Odeldahl, who’s running over the gameplay and advanced graphics technologies on offer in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

The Mirror’s Edge reboot once more tells the story of Faith, a runner who delivers packages in a dystopian Big Brother state known as Glass. It’s glass by name, glass by nature as well, because the whole city is littered with glistening panes and reflective surfaces. DICE has had to make use of several interlocking technologies to render the complex reflections on offer in the trailer, which even applies to shattered glass flying through the air.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is out on North America on February 23rd and February 26th in Europe, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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