Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain PC Disc only contains Steam Installer rest empty.

The Phantom Pain will be available to launch and load on Steam soon – which you’ll need to do even if you buy a disc copy.

Over the weekend, Konami announced that The Phantom Pain would be available to install on Steam from 12.00am EST, September 1.

MGSV:TPP @steam_games Launch & Load Starts Sept. 1 U.S. 12:00 AM EST/9:00 pm PST Get It Now!

— Konami (@Konami) August 28, 2015

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One user who has gotten an early copy of the PC disc release of The Phantom Pain is reporting that the game itself isn’t actually on the disc. In fact, all that’s on there is a Steam installer, with the expectation being that anyone who purchases the disc will still be willing to download the full game.

SO, I DONT see the benefit of buying the physical copy of the game if we have to download the game in any case.



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